Welbury Bay Park Trail

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Welbury Bay Park Trail

Welbury Bay Park Trail – Jan. 31, 2015

LENGTH: 275m

TRAIL: Easy, well-marked

TODDLER APPROVED… but… hold their hands for first few metres, as there is a steep dropoff beside the trail.

TRAILHEAD: Go past the Long Harbour ferry terminal and just up the hill you can park on the left. The trailhead is right across the road.




This is one of the shortest little trails on the island, but with a lookout bench and a grassy spot for a picnic, it makes for a nice little outing. Located just past the Long Harbour ferry terminal, this is also a nice diversion if you arrive for your ferry with some time to spare.

Since this is a short and easy trail, it’s good for preschoolers, though you should beware of the steep bank beside the start of the trail. If you start at the second trailhead, just a few feet further down the road, you can skip the part with the steep dropoff.

Look for some gorgeous arbutus trees, thriving living stumps, a nice view over the bay (bring your binoculars to look for ducks), and a little beach for exploring, although that involves a little scramble down from the grassy area and bench.

Only 275m long! For those short on time or very short on legs (ie. toddlers).