Chris Hatfield Trail

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Chris Hatfield Trail

One of our New Year Resolutions is “A Hike Every Week”. We’ll see how long we keep it up but so far we’re golden. On January 1st we did an old favourite, the Booth Bay trail to the beach, but last Friday we tried a trail I’ve never hiked before:

Chris Hatfield Trail – Jan. 9, 2015

LENGTH: 2 kilometres to beach and back

TRAIL: well-marked, easy stroll


TRAILHEAD: From Beaver Point Road, take Bullman Road to the end, turn right on Meyer Road and go right to the end of the road – you can’t miss the trailhead, it’s well-marked!

This is a really lovely little trail that’s perfect for the youngest hikers. Pretty level, easy going, only 1k to the beach (and 1k back), with the option of an extra jaunt out to Yeo Point.

NOTE: Since this post was originally published, the fairy homes have been destroyed and removed by neighbours. The reason given was that the trail was becoming too popular. Yeah, I know. The trail remains, and it is a nice trail, but no longer looks quite like these photos. Welcome to the selfish side of Salt Spring.



Well-marked trailhead lies at the eastern end of Meyer Road.

IMG_9881 IMG_9872 IMG_9866

Atmospheric and magical, carpeted with moss and lined with split rail fences, but what makes this trail really special are all the woodland creatures along the way.


This trail is so lovely the fairies have moved in too: there’s a full-on fairy village right beside the trail.

IMG_9897 IMG_9902 IMG_9908

IMG_9888 IMG_9918

And at the end there’s a lovely pebble beach. (It was getting dark by the time we got there, because we spent so long lingering on the trail, taking photos.)

IMG_9982 - Version 2

Fifty-two hikes this year should uncover a few more gems, but we’re off to a good start!

(I will try my best to post photos and info on every hike we do this year.)


  1. Shellyse Szakacs
    October 25, 2015

    Thanks so much for this!

    • Kim Thompson
      October 28, 2015

      No problem. Be aware, however, that all the charming fairy homes and other artistic touches have recently been destroyed and removed by neighbours. It’s still a nice trail, but…